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"Intuitive Living" is listening to the innate inner wisdom of the Universe, which is the voice of Spirit, guiding us to our highest good. When we learn to truly listen to this intuition and live in alignment with Spiritual Truth, our lives are transformed and we experience deeper levels of love, joy and harmony in our world.

The Intuitive Living Ministry seeks to assist people to learn how to tap into this wisdom to live fulfilling, empowered lives. We honor all people as Divine and promote Unity, Fellowship and World Peace. We are an international "Ministry Without Walls" respectful of all spiritual traditions reaching out to create bridges of understanding and compassion to people around the world by sharing Spiritual Truth, Wisdom and Divine Love. We promote living a healthy, balanced life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually creating a more highly attuned vehicle which enhances intuition and promotes self realization and enlightenment.

The Intuitive Living Internet Radio Show can be heard each week around the world and shares wisdom and insights from spiritual teachers of various world religions, top inspirational authors and holistic experts. Our goal is to share "spiritual, holistic and inspirational information to help you live an empowered, enlightened life!" The show is hosted by Therese Inzerillo, an interfaith minister and holistic health practitioner with nearly 25 years of experience in the healing arts and metaphysics. To listen to the current weekly show or shows from 2008-2009, click on the "Radio Show" button on the right side of the Intuitive Living homepage. Scroll down to the show of your choice and click on it. The weekly show is posted each Monday evening by 6 PM MST (but can be listened to at any time 24/7). We also have several years of uplifting, insightful shows for your listening pleasure by visiting the "Radio Archives" page. There you will hear interviews with such exciting people as Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, James and Salle Redfield, Arun Gandhi, Issac Newton Farris (the nephew of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), John Holland, James Van Praagh, Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Joan Borysenko and many, many more! All shows on both pages are available for ipod casting (the RSS Feed is at the bottom of the page). If you would like to order a CD of any show please notify us.

The Namaste Center, LLC promotes the goal of living a healthy balanced life and supports you in creating your optimum self by offering a variety of holistic healing therapies, intuitive and coaching sessions, as well as classes, workshops, gatherings and events. It is our desire to be of service to the world through these activities and to inspire, uplift and support, as you go forth to create a life of joy and mastery! We also from time to time offer special events such as our "Interfaith Conferences", "Peace Gatherings" and "Holistic Intuitive Festivals". For more information please visit the Namaste Center website for information on the healing modalities offered and visit the Calendar of Events page for information on classes, workshops, gatherings and events.

We also invite you to peruse the many pages of the web site such as the "Inspirations" page to read Therese's blogs, the "Prayer" page for sacred blessings and prayers, the "Gift Shop" to purchase the "Intuitive Journeys" meditation CD, our "Sponsors" page to make a donation or find out about advertising with us, as well as exploring the many other wonderful features. We always LOVE hearing from our listeners and supporters from around the world and invite you to sign our "Guest Book" or to send an e-mail to Therese at

The Namaste Prayer

I come in peace.
I come in wisdom.
I come in Divine Love.
I see your beauty.
I feel your pain.
All good comes from a Higher Source.
I salute that Source in you.
Let us work together for peace.

Mahatma Gandhi

"If we take the time to delve within our soul to that quiet, sacred place, we are presented with the gifts of the Universe . . . Spiritual Truths and treasures that guide us to a place of peace, joy, abundance, wisdom and love. It is a place that transcends all time - a place that supercedes the earthly with cosmic wisdom and resonates with a blissful sense of wonderment. Our souls long for this synthesis and each step in our journey brings new experiences to broaden our perspectives of reality and awaken us to the essence of our true nature. When we choose to open our minds and listen attentively with our hearts then we are choosing to live intuitively and experience the cosmic union with all life."

- Rev. Therese Inzerillo -

Wishing you love, light and many blessings!

Therese Inzerillo is a contributing author for the following two magazines. Read her articles on "Communing With The Divine" in SIBYL Magazine and her mystic poetry in Sibella Magazine.
Sibyl Magazine
Sibella Poetry and Art

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